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Tree of Life
Point and Line Composition
Ear Ring Man
Tree of Life
Point and Line Composition
The Nature of the
Ear Ring Man Emerges


We are committing our business to providing services to clients via social entrepreneurship. Our services feature a clear priority, as outlined in our name: Nature-Art-Architecture.

We consider ourselves proponents of;

  • Love of nature.
  • Instilling the passion of artists into our built environment.
  • Creating architecture which integrates nature and art into our lives by using available sustainable design practices.

By specializing in services for the Not-For-Profit sector of the business community, we hope to encourage those who are not building sustainable buildings to start doing so. Our services will also be available to the regular business community, Corporations and individual clients on a fee-for-services basis.

In addition to providing professional services we offer the following;

  • Participation in all aspects of public and private education to assist in promoting awareness of how the integration of nature, art and architecture can benefit society at large.
  • Advice on how to become more aware of sustainable architecture through the use of the Internet, videos and books.
  • Networking, through email and newsletters, to support environmental groups, artists and architects who share our interests.

Please contact our representative, listed below, for further information about how we can be of service to you. Thank you for visiting this webpage. Please stay in touch with SustainableABC.Com for future information about our website (to be online soon).

Larry Wayne Grantham

Licensed Architect
Santa Barbara, California


Topanga Project - elevation and section

Topanga Project - floor plans

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