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Crystal Waters Permaulture EcoVillage
Crystal Waters Permaculture Village is a socially and environmentally responsible, economically viable rural subdivision north of Brisbane (Australia), Crystal Waters was established in 1987. It received the 1996 World Habitat Award (assessed by Dr Wally N’Dow) for its "pioneering work in demonstrating new ways of low impact, sustainable living".

Berg-en-Dal - Eco Village Permaculture Project in South Africa
As an educational eco-village, we at Berg-en-Dal aim to demonstrate that in a dry and developing country like South Africa, permaculture could go a long way to uplifting rural communities and dealing with the dry terrains that characterise our continent.
We welcome visitors to our farm, be they tourists or individuals who hope to come and learn about permaculture and sustainable lifestyles or to become involved as WWOOFers.

Livable Places
Livable Places is a nonprofit development and public policy organization working to make the Los Angeles region more livable and environmentally sustainable.

The Global Eco-village Network
Eco-villages are attempts to create complete, working communities in which people can live sustainably, in harmony with each other and nature.

Cohousing Network
Cohousing is the name of a type of collaborative housing that attempts to overcome the alienation of modern subdivisions in which no-one knows their neighbors, and there is no sense of community.

The Marsh Commons Co-Housing Project

Global Village '95 online

Urban Ecology Australia
Urban Ecology Australia Inc (UEA) is a non profit community group committed to the evolution of socially vital, economically viable and ecologically sustaining human settlements - ecological cities - through education and example.

Liberty Village Cohousing
Maryland's first cohousing community is located on the edge of Libertytown, at the intersection of Rts. 26 and 31 just 10 miles east of Frederick.

Blueberry Hill Cohousing
Blueberry Hill is just one more great reason to live in Northern Virginia. The community, clustered on a hillside on the outskirts of Vienna, Virginia, will have 19 single family homes ranging in size from approximately 1000 to 2000 square feet and a basement. We have sold 16 of the 19 homes.

Canadian Cohousing Home Page
The Purposes of this site are: Provide awareness of cohousing communities in Canada and abroad. Provide a means for proposed, newly formed or existing communities to make a presence on the Internet for promotional or educational purposes. Provide resource material such as "community friendly" architects, builders, building concepts, etc. Provide links to other groups who also promote community building goals and sustainable housing ideals. Promote the activities of the Canadian Cohousing Network (CCN).

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